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Hulu Activate – Activate Hulu on Roku – Hulu.com/activate

Hulu is a platform & content provider where all the channels are in which there are channels of movies, web series, sports, news, etc. The same Roku is a streaming device on which you can easily watch the channels of Hulu, for this you need to have an official link to Hulu Should be activated on the Roku device from hulu.com/activate.

What should you do to watch Hulu channels on Roku device?

Before watching Hulu on Roku device, you must know the rules below carefully:

  1. First of all you must have Roku streaming device.
  2. Should have a good quality high speed internet connection.
  3. If you have not taken the subscription service of Hulu, take it quickly because without it you will not be able to see the channels.
  4. There should be a good HDMI cable to connect the Roku device, so use a premium HDMI cable if possible.

Note: Keep in mind that you will be able to activate Hulu on Roku streaming device only when you have Roku account, so do not forget to create Roku account from Roku’s official website www.roku.com/link.

How do you get hulu from Roku?

  1. You can get the Hulu app by visiting the Roku Channel Store,
  2. After this, go to the search box and type the Hulu channel you want to watch.
  3. Process verification in the last.

Activate Hulu on Roku device

activate hulu on roku

In order to, Follow all Points given below to Activate Hulu on Roku device:

  1. Download and Install Hulu App from Roku Channel Store
  2. Login with your Hulu Account then you will get Hulu activation code
  3. Activate it from Desktop or Laptop computer by
  4. Visit URL: www.hulu.com/activate & Click on “link new device”
  5. Click on continue and login with Hulu account.
  6. Follow the on- screen instruction to complete the activation process
  7. After complete all the steps you will get message that “You Are all Set Up”.